ContactUS for IT services and various webservices #website#weservices#BudgetWebsite#LowPriceWebsite#QualityWebsite#HighendQualityWebsite#ReliefCode provides a range of Information Technology services. We have experience providing services to top international NGOs to five star hospitality industry also even for small startup business like coffee shops and gift shops. we have 1059 satisfied client. Founded in 2015, for recent organzation like us, with our smart hard working style, in these few years we have manage to make many statisfied IT partner with big multinational organization as well as startup businesses across the globe. We guide them to connect them with the digital IT era. Our professional services and design of product like webpages and apps are always in latest updated trend. We are passionate about what we do. We're invested in the combine success of our work and client expectation. We have been providing targeted cutting-edge IT services to various national and international organisations. Core competency of our team lies in designing, developing, and deploying high-end sophisticated information systems. Our clients come to us with complex IT challenges that need outright solving. So, we take the time to fully understand their organizational goal, business goals, their industry and their competition to design an innovative solution to meet their challenges. Whether it’s website, eCommerce, mobile app or a combination of all. Reliefcode has got the depth of technical experience as well as the ‘know how’ to deliver. We can achieve almost task put upon. Despite the distances between us, we work as a cohesive team creating flawless digital solutions across both web and mobile platforms. While remaining focused on innovation, we are also looking to continuously improve our existing products and service standards.
we are committed to deliver five star quality services in the field of Information Technology in Nepal. Our initial focus was to provide complete information technology solutions for individuals, companies and enterprises. In response to customer needs and in order to fully cover the range of IT services we quickly expanded to other IT services like App Development and Software Development. We focuse on emerging software technologies to help organizations and individuals face challenges brought about by fast paced changes in IT industry. Working for years with wide range of clients in various sectors we have built expertise in numerous platforms, tools and programming languages. At ReliefCode, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in the Information Technology. Our mission at ReliefCode is to make Nepal a hub for IT services. Currently we provide the most IT services and products. We want to make these services available to as many people as possible. We deliver the most comprehensive suite of managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses across the globe. Our proven service portfolio meets the varying needs of customers with implementation services or complete IT solutions. Our renowned Quality Service allows us to provide all our customers with an efficient, seamless and worry-free services.

For Professional, Affordable Budget and Quality Web services.

Our full-service web solutions help your business grow online.

Client vision and Guidance are articulated and displayed on websites.
We create spectacular Premium Websites, Webpages Themes, Android App, iOS App, Plugins, HTML Templates, and more. A responsive design and latest updated web service for your business and products in multi-language.

Let's make us your digital IT partner like more than

1059 !!!

other organizations



Static and Sub-Dynamic

Pages : 1-20
Free Hostin : 1 Year
Free Domain : 1 Year
Social Media Management
EmailId : 10

price : $80-150$

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Number of pages : 1-10
Style of design : High end
SEO w/ Placement Guarantee : 150 keywords
Responsive Design : Yes
Database Integration : Full development
CMS : Enterprise

price : 150$ -$300

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Advance features + multi-languages
Pages : unlimited
Free Hosting : 1 Year upto 2GB
Administrative control panel
Interactivity with website visitor
Enterprise database (MS SQL Server or MySQL)

price : $550 and over

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We provide professional range of services of product like webpages, theme and apps in multiple language and in latest updated trend.


Cost will be very reasonable and will help new businesses have easy startup. Budget friendly web solutions help client business grow online.


Affordable budget as well as high end product quality is strength of our company that boasted our number of satisfied client in a short period of time.


Safety of client data and info are top priorty of our services. Quality of our product are mesaured by level of security we provide for client's data and info.

  • Web developemt
  • Android App development
  • IOS development
  • Hybrid App development

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Our digital strategists have put together successful Internet marketing campaigns for businesses ranging from local coffee shops, NGOs to publicly traded companies.

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